Exploring Okazaki Wonder Land!

I'm Kimy from J-Stay
Big influenza waves (A,B and new one) arrived Japan.
Hope you are fine.
I'm still fine but really need my Chinese medicine Kudzu.

Just I moved to my favorite Okazaki Area which has Heian Big red gate shrine, Art Museums, Rohm theater, Library and philosophy path as traditional and cultural area in Kyoto. This is one of the good spots for Sakura season as well.
My friend was looking for someone who wants to live a couple of month before the middle of April when next guest from Taiwan comes.
So she invited to me live there a while.
My friend is a stained glass artist for 35 years and she introduces herself as " I am a light aritist" so this house has a good light from facade.
And a lovely cat is living there.

Whose name is Tiggar he is sleeping 

BF on one day with nice sun light

winter seasonal fish dish 
 This house has big kitchen so it makes many inspiration for cooking.
We are planning to have Indonesian cooking lesson on March.

Mexican cuisine "FLAUTA"

I tries to go a walk in the morning along philosophy path. The fresh air makes me wake up it is really joy.
Surrounding east mountain chain it is so cold there. In my room I feel I'm outside because when I can see white cold visible breath. :)

I can't wait Sakura season.



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