Hey, this is Shiz from J-Hoppers Hiroshima. OK, this is a bit early but summer is coooomiiiiing!! Haha I know it's too early but I just LOVE SUMMER!! I'm trying to get my beach body ready.

I've liked doing weights now and then but for the first time in my life, I joined the gym and have been going there for 5 months now. It's fun and I feel great every time when I hit the gym!My body line? Weight? Yes, it has changed and is changing llittle by little.
Today, for the first time, I took a personal training from a professional trainer. It was just like OMG, was hard but fun and I could feel the difference.

Why didn't I join the gym earlier. This is so addictive! I definitely have more energy, too. Maybe this could be a problem when I go out drinking with friends, we always end up with talking about work outs, supplements, muscles, food...etc and at the end we start showing each other how you do your work outs in a bar lol.

My goal is super body transformation by's more like a dream haha but no challenge no change. Ganbarimasu!(I'll do my best!)


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