Cherry Blossom viewing at Osaka Castle Park

Hello! This is Misaki from Osaka Hana Hostel. How's everyone doing?
I'm so happy it's getting warm lately!

My mom and I decided to go Osaka Castle Park to see cherry blossom 2 days ago. It had been a long time to visit there. I don't even remember when was the last time I came here Lol

I found a new complex called Jo-terrace Osaka right after got off at Osaka Castle Park Station.
There was no place to eat or drink coffee until a few years ago, I was so surprised and impressed about it!

We wanted to go Nishinomaru Garden where you can see bunch of cherry blossom trees but the park was much huge than I expected so we were kinda loss Lol

As you can see these photos, it wasn't full-bloomed but was absolutely beautiful!

After watching cherry blossom, we had Takoyaki for dinner at Wanaka.
There is a brunch in Shinsaibashi too but this place you can make your own Takoyaki!
Making Takoyaki is pretty difficult for the first time but it would be fun:)


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