Kimchi Nabe Make You Sweat "Hot! Hot! Spicy! Spicy!"

Hi there~
This is Yuka from Osaka Hana Hostel.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a party with Toya who is a night staff of Hana.
She had never eaten a Kimchi nabe before, so we decided the menu at that day to Kimchi nabe.

There were many vegetables, meats, mushrooms and Gyoza which made by myself in that one.

But actually it was so warm at that day even at night so it was not suitable for nabe.
Because of Kimchi has a effect to warm the body, thereby sweating.
It has a good effect on a cold body, but if eat on a hot day...

As you know, we were eating them while saying "Hot! Hot! Spicy! Spicy!" and while sweating.
We thought should have eaten them in winter season.
Next time we will eat on a colder day.

But we were really enjoy to eat them.
And I think Toya also was able to have a good experience about Kimchi nabe.


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