Tokyo trip!!

Hi there, It's Shiori from J-hoppers Hiroshima.

Last month, finally I went to Tokyo to see my friend!!
We've planed this trip since October 2017 though, there has been lot of happenings one after the other. So Finally I DID IT !!

(I really appreciate to staff to let me take holidays even tough shift.)

*First day*
When I arrived in Tokyo and immediately I slept at my friends house. I was too tired.
After sleeping, we head to Tokyo disney land at 19:00.

We didn't have enough time but we tried everything we could.
I enjoyed a lot, but one of attraction '' Star wars'' made me dead.
I felt sick and it let me down too much.

*Second day*
 3years a go, we made promise to go to Hawaiians in Fukushima.
The times finally comes. We rent a car and to get there!!
I got the free 1 day ticket for Water slide and did it forever like be a kid again.
 画像に含まれている可能性があるもの:2人、Shiori Egashiraさんを含む、、スマイル、立ってる(複数の人)、植物、木、屋外
It was so much fun! I was exhausted to be giddy.

But during driving on highway to back to Tokyo, I got caught by a police because I drove passing lane over 2km. I had to pay fine 6000yen. My driver license was supposed to be Gold... It let me down again. (T_T)

*Third day*
Last day in Tokyo.
Slept til noon, we went to have korean restaurant for lunch my wishies before I take a flight.
it was not as good taste as i thought. ''So-So''
I've never had so-so Gamjatang.

What I want to say,
when you're traveling, unexpected things are sure to happen.
anyway I wanna apologize to bother my friend(´;ω;`)gomenne

When I arrived in Hiroshima, I relaxed so much.
I thought I like Hiroshima that is not so city and not so country side from bottom of my heart.
I was so glad to see friend but Tokyo trip is little too much for me this time.

Next time, I would never chose Star wars and not to drive on highway in Tokyo and not to say ''I wanna eat gamjatang ''


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