Loveale Laksa!!

Hi there,this is Ena from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.
The Sakura season has gone so fast and I could not go for HANAMI after all since this year it boomed much earlier than usual. Hopefully,I can see it at its peak next year. It was really sad for me but I had a little good news this month instead.

Have you ever seen this cup noodles in Japan?
Laksa Cup noodles from Nisshin

Honestly,I am NOT a big fan of instant noodles but I LOVE it!
Last year,our manager Kana-san gave me this.(She knows well what I like.)
It was not my first time to eat Laksa.I had eaten it when I was in Australia because the owner of my shared house who is originally from Singapore often used to cook it for me.The cup noodle reminded me his Laksa.
After I had the cup noodle one once,I have been crazy about it and bought a BOX of them at

However,it is seldom sold in Japan and it was not anywhere to be seen after that.I had not eaten it for almonst a year,but this month when I opened my drawer,I found this as a gift from her again!
YESSSS!!!!!!!!! I really really appreciated her again.

Although I finally could get it ,it is still so scarce.
If anybody find it,please....Please let me know!


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