Murin-an with unique vision of Yamagata san

On a quiet night after busy cherry blossom season, some of J-Hoppers crew decided to go to Okazaki area to experience night cafe at Murin-an garden.

Murin-an was built as a villa for Aritomo Yamagata who served as a prime minister twice, and the garden is now designated as a Place of Scenic Beauty in 1951.
Always looked stunning on the flyer we get, and interesting that they sometimes have traditional performance or workshops.

This time of the year (back in early April), they had Spring Night Cafe event which gave us chance to know how unique the garden (and Mr. Yamagata's taste) is, and how they maintain it, how different they are now from what it used to be before, and some other trivial stuff about the buildings, garden and even the surrounding area.

First, we had seats in the main villa building to join the lecture by the garden craft-man who takes care of the garden, and had a cup of tea they served.
It was so nice to know more of Japanese garden in general, and Yamagata's own point of view when it comes to beauty, I seriously don't want to spoil you so please go try it yourself!

We checked the details of the building, and went outside for a night stroll in the quiet garden.

BEAUTIFUL WARM LIGHTS and all we could hear was sound of stream and singing bugs. You can check their event schedule and more on their website.
Highly recommended!


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