Morning stroll with disposable camera in Kyoto

Kyoto is always busy, you see full of tourists and travelers all the time.

Although I wanted to show you the other side of Kyoto, which is "Usual morning" how quiet and peaceful. I decided to go on a photo walk with my disposable camera.


youth is...

cool retro cafe

quiet park and chilling old guy

watering flowers before the kids get to school
found "lucky taxi"!

excited Shiba

people love to bike

cleaning the parking lot at Nijo castle

Nijo castle
my favorite coffee stand

morning catchup/gossip

gateball session

lovely color

cleaning by local volunteer

cool old barber
I know it's easy to take photo with smart phone, but I love the rusty colour tone of disposable camera! And Kyoto is very photogenic everywhere, so why don't you try it?

You can get the camera at camera shops, electronic shops or sometimes at convenience stores too!


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