Tea picking in Kyoto

Hello!This is Misaki from Osaka Hana Hostel.

Some of my Canadian friends told me that they would come to Japan this month so I took them to Osaka and Kyoto city.
They wonder why all foods are very cheap and tastes good Lol

One of my friend was asking me to go on a tour which is Hiking an Tea picking in Kyoto, I have no experience picking tea before so decided to go there with him.

Look this view! How beautiful this field!

Hiking was a little hard for me but a tour guide kept pace with me.
We had a break for a while, we tasted green tea which was the first 
picked tea of this year. So good!!

After the break, we picked tea and climbed down.
A tour guide gave us tea leaves tempura which were interesting, 
also tea tasting too.

I'll definitely come back this town soon! 


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