Traveling Northern Kyoto! Kyo-Tango City

Hi there !
It's Madi here :)

Last Wedenesday, it was my birthday so I took a day trip to Kyo-Tango city where is located north area in Kyoto and this is my favorite city :)

This city faces Japan sea and famous Amanohashidateone of the three most beautiful viewing sites in Japan, boat housesin Ine (Funaya-gun), Kotohiki-Hama beach famous for the sand that makes sound when treaded on it (Naki-suna).

This time, I went to see a swing on the beach in that area.
Unfortunately the weather was not good, when I got there, super thick cloud welcomed me :(

I wished I could see beautiful sunset as well as swing cause the beach is aka marvelous sunset view on this season.
Well, it's for next time :)

Anyway a swing is made by drift woods and looks so lovely.
And because of the weather, there were only few people so then I could spend much time to take good picture :)

Traveling Northern Kyoto! Kyo-Tango City

I also went to another beach called Kotohiki-Hama beach aka singing sand beach.
It was really singing !!! It was so fun :) and there was a little onsen out there ! ( I didn't try cause I didn't have swimwear with me.)

I definitely recommend to visit this city once you are here :)


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