Curry Party Make Me Addicted to Spicy Food....

Hi,this is Ena from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.

I am already in the summer mood...
The hot-humid weather makes me feel dull and also makes me want to eat something spicy.

One day, I found on the the calender at the reception that the 4th Wednesday in May is marked as "the Curry day"!

Our manager, Kana-san likes doing anything fun and we all like doing it together.
She knew that I like spicy food and invited me to the event. (She also wrote about the curry party on her blog)

After the curry party, I am crazy about spicy food more than before...

This month,we also did the party of 'Shirunashi-Tantanmen'(the Brothless Dandan Noodles),which is famous spicy noodles in Hiroshima.Was really really tasty!!! I even cooked at home again by myself again after that.

If you find anything spicy (and tasty),please...please let me know!

the Spicy Korean Udon(a guest from Mexico gave me and I really liked it!!)
Cooked the Brothless Dandan Noodles many times at home..

the Taiwan curry (was not so spicy for me..)


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