Outing in Yukata, Walking in Kyoto

Spring is over and summer has come !
Swimming , tramping , watermelon, fireworks aaaaaaand.... YUKATA !!!!

One of the must things to do in summer is an outing in Yukata.
Some people ask me what is the difference between Kimono and Yukata.
Yukata is made of cotton fabric and people put it on in summer on the other hand, kimono is thicker than Yukata or is made of silk fabric and people dress in kimono on special occasions such as wedding reception or at tea ceremony etc but as a dairy use is also fine!

What is fun about wearing Yukata is the moment hunting for your favorite one out of a wide varieties of colors and patterns and wondering around and taking pictures with friends in the city!

One of my favorite places in Gion is by Shirakawa Dori and it is very photogenic!

If you are keen on Japanese culture, Yukata outing might be for you!

Here's my favorite Kimono(Yukata) rental shop !
Staff are so welcoming, friendly and helpful :) 
Very nice location, close to Fushimi-inari :)
Super recommended !

Outing in Yukata, Walking in Kyoto


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