The best photogenic spots in Kyoto

There are so many places where we want to go and take photos in Kyoto.
I'd like to introduce two famous places where you can take a 'photogenic' picture.

1: Yasaka Koshindo
 Located at Higashiyama area, where Kiyomizu temple is. It's famous for such a colorful kukurizaru (Monkey with bound feet and hands. You can write a wish on this.) which is hanged everywhere.

2: Yasui Konpiragu
 Located at Gion area, this place is famous for the people who wish to break off all kinds of bad relationships and initiating good ones. They pass through a hole in a large stone & make a wish.
Image result for 安井金比羅宮

Make a wish, take a photo & post it on your Instagram :)


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