Weekend gateway in Ise-Shima

I love road trips.
Just drive and stop by wherever, listen to everyone's favorite music and talk about everything and nothing.

This time we visited Mie which was so much closer than we thought, but just didn't think about it before as a big destination.
The first stop was Tsu city, capital of Mie. We had a night stroll to find a place to watch some World cup games, and we found this cute little street called Lantern street - with some bars, karaoke bar an some sketchy places.

We explored a bit more of Tsu next day, had a breakfast at the harbor, checked some craft shops in the town.

And tried this weird/fun/delicious thing in Matsusaka city which is well-known for its local brand beef.

Yes. Conveyor belt BBQ. Oh Japan.

Then we decided to drive up to north to see the lighthouse in Daiou. Please pay a visit if you are a cat lover.

And arrived at the camp site that we reserved a cottage! It's called Ise-Shima Evergrades.

JUST SO RELAXING. Being in nature, grill some fresh local stuff on the bbq grill, see the sunset and stars, hammock, silence. I'll definitely come back here for some other quality time!


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