The Best Mountain Retreat Between Kyoto/Osaka and Tokyo!!!

After the heavy rain in begging of July we are now having really hot days.
It makes more harder to work for rescue and disaster recovery in the area affected by heavy rain. I hope temperature get cooler as soon as possible...!! Please!!!

I would like you to show some pictures to make you cool.

←This photo is taken on the Mt. Norikura (Daikokudake : elevation 2,772m high) in the end of May. 
Even in summer you can see some snow on the mountain and people enjoy skiing in summer!

On the Mt. Norikura, you can also enjoy hiking in the cool air (The average temperature of Mt. Norikura is between 11 and 16 °C) . Lots of alpine flowers make you happy and smile :)

Dicentra peregrina is one of my favorite
alpine flowers. They are really gorgeous. 
 ←This photo is taken on the base of Mt. Norikura (elevation about 1,500m high).
Mt. Norikura with snow and waterfall (Zengoro waterfall) look really beautiful in the deep forest. 
If you get closer to the waterfall you can feel lots of negative ion and heal you well. 

I hope these pictures make you feel cooler....

We organize a bus tour to Mt.Norikura and Norikura kogen (base of the Mt. Norikura) from Takayama! 
Please join our tour if you would like to escape from the heat! 
For more information please visit our website!

Please stay J-Hoppers Hida Takayama Guesthouse near Takayama station when you visit Takayama. 

J-Hop Tour


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