Happy moment ~Sweets Buffet in Kyoto~

This is Saho from J-Hoppers Kyoto.

Do you have a sweet tooth ?
Are you a Matcha buff ?

The other day, I went to Kyoto tower hotel for sweets buffet.
They organized Matcha Sweets buffet and there were about 50 kinds of sweets and meals using matcha , roasted green tea or brown rice tea.

The buffet was for 1.5 hours and my friend and I were busy taking photos, chatting and eating.

We indulged ourselves food and that was happy and satisfying afternoon.

Their Matcha sweets buffet will be over on 26th August but they are organizing another sweets buffet from 1st September till 18th November and the next theme will be 「Caramel and Cheese」!
They serve some sweets featuring Halloween too :)
It will be fun watching and eating Halloween sweets!

More information for sweets buffet at Kyoto Tower Hotel us as follows:



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