Have you ever seen colorful onsen?

Hello, I'm Nori from Osaka Hana Hostel!

Before I work for Osaka Hana Hostel, I worked in Oita which is famous for onsen.

I will show you some onsen which you might have not seen before!
They are so colorful and beautiful.

In Oita, there are many onsen and some of them are called "Jigoku (Hell) onsen" because of the temperature.  They are too hot to take like 70℃ or more.
And some of them are so colorful with their component.

This red onsen is called "Chi no ike(Blood pond) Jigoku"

Temperature is 78℃, the depth is 30m

This blue onsen is called "Umi (sea) Jigoku"

Temperature is 98℃, the depth is 200m

This white onsen is called "Shiraike (white pond) Jigoku"

Temperature is 95℃

There are some more unique onsen, so please check it out by yourself:)

You can enjoy not only these onsen but also some attractions and you can even see some rare marine lives.

I'm not good at taking photos and I can't show you beautiful they are exactly, so you should go to Oita and see them with your eyes!!


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