Takayama's Cafe (1) : Cafe Courier

Hi Everyone,
It is Nana from J-Hoppers Takayama, cheap hostel near to Takayama station.
As you might know our team is full of cafe lovers !
Let me present some of them to you !

Today is...

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Cafe Courier

Takayama's Cafe (1) : Cafe Courier
"Despite being a newcomer to the scene [in Takayama], Courier, which is conveniently located near Takayama Jinya, has quickly emerged to be a favorite haunt for locals thanks to its aromatic hand-drip coffee, comfortable environment, low prices, and most of all, to its friendly and chatty owner. Mr. Kuroiwa, a seasoned traveler who has visited more than 142 countries (with passport record to prove) and Ms. Lin, a cheerful Taianese who is good at drawing (ask her to show you her cafe drawings), are always ready to regale you with interesting stories about traveling and Takayama" - Ian Tsang, J-Hoppers Hida Takayama

Cafe Courier is definitely one of my favorite place in Takayama. I am going regularly there to study and have a chat with the owners. I also love to grab information about events and history from the locals I often met at the counter.

I also like the choice offered on the menu :
Takayama's Cafe (1) : Cafe Courier

The stuffed bread bowl served in winter, declined in different stuffed flavor : chili con carne, green curry, cream chowder. They use bread made in Takayama with a crusty outside and a soft inside. The recipes are from a book written by an acquaintance of Mr.Kuroiwa who has compiled recipe from every country in the world.

Takayama's Cafe (1) : Cafe Courier
In another hand Courier's shaved ice, Kakikori, is a summer item that should not be missed if you come here. Inspired by the Taiwanese shaved ice, the shaved ice base is covered by a gorgeous amount of healthy toppings (changing depending of the production, everything is home-prepared) and served with brown sugar syrup and condensed sweetened milk. The sweetness is just well balanced and all the ingredient good for the body ! You won't stop eating it !

Takayama's Cafe (1) : Cafe Courier
Here is the all year round Cheese Cake ! I have heard from American travelers that it was the best they ever ate ! They offer a great set with an hand-drip coffee.

There still so more to introduce : muffins (choco, matcha, tropical, earlygrey-walnut, etc.) the drink menu, the patagonia shop section, the national geographic collection, the coins (money) collection...

There only one way to check everything : going there !

You can also follow their instagram : @cafe_courier
Or find them on Facebook : m.facebook.com/CourierHidaTakayama/
The address : 506-0012, 1-12 Hakken-machi Takayama
Open : Wednesday ~ Sunday
(close on Monday and Tuesday)
from 9:00 to 16:00


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