Korea trip!

Hello, this is Shiori from J-hoppers Hiroshima.

I recently went to Korea with my mom! (Actually I brought her in Korea forcibly.)


I joined a tour to see North Korea from South Korea.

I could see North Korea better than this picture by telescope!


What I was surprise is there is station to go to North Korea from Dorasan station in South Korea.

 But the train has never run since they were built.

"if they will have good relation ship in the future ,
 you can go to North Korea, Russia, Europe from Korea some day."

When I hard of it,  I really hope it will be.


After joined a tour , I thought I want to learn history more.
Anyway, The tour was worth it!


After we backed in Seoul , we walked and ate a lot in the heavy rain.


 I love sol bing !

Our traveling was SO BUSY due to tight schedule for only 2 days holiday.
We do not have enough time though, (sorry mom...) it was really nice trip.

I would love to back in Korea in the near future!


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