Matcha Baby :)

Hi there ! This is Madi from Kyoto Hana Hostel :)

On the other day, I went to Uji to check the new match spot !
It is called "Matcha republlic", they serve fresh matcha drink there.
It has been popular on Instagram already cause they serve drink in a ink bottle and it looks cute :) So why not to try !?

The store is running by Uji Matcha wholesaler, so they always grind fresh matcha first and serve very fresh drinks to you :)
Their menu is quite simple but its make you satisfied for sure !
And as I mentioned drinks are served in a ink bottle so it can be a souvenir to yourself or someone who may like :)

I personally recommend try at least once if you are going to Uji :) Especially girls and ladies :)

plain cold matcha * hot one also available         

cold matcha latte * hot one also available 

salty cheesecake matcha latte. yum !

Phoenix (a symbol of Byodo-In) is on the top :)


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