1 day trip to Kitakyushu! What you have to eat in there.

Hello, this is Nori from Osaka Hana Hostel.

Have you ever been to Kitakyushu in Fukuoka?
I studied in Kitakyushu when I was an undergraduate.
It is not famous city although it is the entrance to Kyushu area...

I stayed only for 24 hours this time, but I had so much fun :)
And all I did was eat and see some friends, but satisfied enough!

This is Kokura station and Shinkansen (bullet train) stop here, so you can go there easily.

There is a castle near the station and some more attractions around here!

Fukuoka is famous for ramen but actually it is also famous for udon.
There are many udon restaurant in Kitakyushu and they all taste so nice and cheap.  There were more udon restaurants than ramen restaurants before.

And I did not know that but it is also famous for yakitori!
I love yakitori and had too much...

You also can try raw horse meat!

I know it is not common to have raw meat in most of countries, but I would like you to try it.  You might get addicted in it:)
House meat is the safest one in raw because of its body temperature, so do not afraid!

There are more food that I missed this time, so I will definitely go back again!

As I mentioned, Shinkansen (bullet train) stops at Kokura, so why don't you drop by at Kokura for food before heading to Hakata (Fukuoka)?


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