Bass Fishing at Lake Biwa in Shiga Japan

Hello everyone!
Here are Julian and Sumi from Germany and we're free accomodation staffs at J-Hoppers Lake Biwa Guesthouse. We arrived three days ago and decided to write a blog about all our experiences here at Lake Biwa.


bass-fishing-JapanIn autumn, when the swimming season has ended, most of the people come here to fish. The thing that makes this lake so special is, that there are about 60 fish species that only live in Lake Biwa. But beside the special fish species, there are many other fish and some foreign ones that have been brought from America. The biodiversity is changing due to the increasing number of those foreign species like black bass or blugill. So Gambate! to all the hardworking anglers that try to steady the number of these fish.

Yesterday we went fishing together with two other staff members from the guesthouse at Omimaiko Beach. We have never tried fishing before, so we were very happy that we were able to go with them. In Germany you need a special fishing liciense, so most of the people are not allowed to fish at lakes in Germany. Unfortunately we didn't fish anything that day but we still had a lot of fun enjoying the nature!


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