Kyoto Railway Museum :)

Hi there !

This is Madi from Kyoto Hana :)

On the other my day off, I finally went to Kyoto railway museum !

I have been to that area for picnic many many times but never been to that museum even it is around corner :(

I went to the park for picnic as usual but suddenly it was rain so decided to go there finally !

I am not really big fun of railway like others but once I got in, it was so much fun !!!!!

I could ride on steam locomotive, try driving simulator and see many different kind of trains !
It was cool experience !
And I realize that I am actually fun of sinkansen / bullet train fun lol especially when I saw 500 shinkansen, I was so excited like child lol
I could not help taking pictures of them !
I wonder why I have been missing this fun place for a while.                 

I can't explain well how much I was excited but I recommend to visit here :)
This is really cool !!!


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