Takayama's Cafe (2) : JIRO coffee

Here I am back - Nana from J-Hoppers Takayama, cheap hostel near to Takayama station - to present another great coffee place in Takayama.

Lets' go near to the Enako river near the Higashiayama walking course to find...

JIRO coffee

Drip Coffee
"Jiro Coffee is a homey cafe run by Chiho, who roasts coffee beans by herself for preparing aromatich hand drip coffee. A favorite haunt for local, it also serves more special drinks such as ginger honey latte and lemonade prepared with homemade syrup. Homemade sweets and cakes are available as well."- Ian Tsang, J-Hoppers Hida Takayama


Even if the place is quite narrow, we do not recommend group to go there if they do not choose take out, the room is bright and Chiho keeps it warm during winter with a nice stove. If the coffee you drank is so delicious that you would like to bring it home do not hesitate to ask her to prepare you coffee beans or coffee powder. JIRO is also one of the rare place offering espresso suiting event Italians. Her "arrange coffee menu" is also the most generous one of Takayama.

Ice coffee and J-pan, a bacon bread

You can also follow their instagram : @jirocoffee
The address : 506-0831, 152 Fukuya-machi Takayama
Open : Monday~Saturday(close on Sunday)
from 11:00 to 17:00

Jiro Coffee Takayama JapanJiro Coffee Takayama Japan
Images owned by Rosie and the Operator


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