A beautiful day to explore the nature

 Hi everyone! how are you doing today? Really hope you enjoyed your day.
 Today we are so lucky get an another beautiful sunny day,so we decided to do some nature exploration,which is our favorite thing in Biwa lake.And seriously the nature here always takes our breath.There is always new view is waiting us.
 We just arrived here a few days,so today we tried take a nap in the beautiful white sand.Facing to this beautiful blue lake and enjoyed the sunshine watering our body,thinking nothing and live in that moment,to be honest,this is the life or vacation I longed for a long time.
 We all have our life difficulties,that make us feel very tired,sometime you know you just need a break like this.
 This kind of moment is very short but it charges us to start again.
 The moon,the sun and stars always very powerful to make people happy.
 Take some time, go to nature and give them a chance to joy you.
 We are waiting for you here at our beautiful guest house J-Hoppers in Biwa.
 Have a good dream!     


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