Adventure hiking! Photos for you :)

Hello everyone!

Here are some photos from my hiking day in the mountains near the guesthouse!

It was a real adventure : I had to climp some trees, say hi to squirrels and had to go on improvised wooden bridges to continue the hike.

Enjoy the photos, hope this will make you want to do some hiking in Japan!

This bridge is nice!
This water is drinkable and very good!
The trail is pretty cool

This one is a little bit scarier!

You can jump over this one.

You SHOULD jump over this one!

The easiest road of all the hike.

There is one checkpoint in case you fall :)

If you need a shower!

Some view of Biwa lake

That's a big waterfall

Different tree colors

Another view of Biwa lake

Some view from the top of the moutain

This is the small lake next to the guesthouse!


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