The water village - an interesting experience

Hello everyone!

Axel's here. Today I will talk about a really cool place I went yesterday, November 11th 2018. 30 minutes drive from the guesthouse direction north, also between the mountains and the biggest lake in Japan, is a little town called Takashima. We had a booked tour there and a guide that explained everything that was happening there for us. We visited a traditional village, which was really quiet and beautiful.

The special thing this village had was the water system. Most of the water they use is drawn from 20 meters underground, is old from more than 100 years old and perfectly pure and drinkable. For the kitchen, every house use the water from a small river that flows throught the village, and then return the used water to the river. The water of the river is 70% filled from the water that comes naturally from the ground. Because they all use the same water for the kitchen, the inhabitants respect each other by not dirtying or pulluting the water, for exemple by using natural soap to wash the dishes.

It was overall a great experience and we discoved many things. To see that the way of living between my hometown in France and this town in Japan was very interesting.


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