Sweet dumplings just like in Germany

Hey Julian and Sumi here.

Today we made a german dish in the kitchen at J-Hoppers Lake Biwa Guesthouse.
The dish called "Semmelknödel" and is normaly a salty dish with meat and a sauce. We made a sweet version of the dish with cinnamon sugar and apple sauce.

In order to make those you need old bread. Slice the bread into small cubes and toast them in a pan with a lot of butter until they are golden brown. Meanwhile preheat some milk and stir in sugar and cinnamon. Put the toasted cubes into a bowl and add the milk in parts. It mustn't be too wet! Let it sit for a while and add an egg.

Now all you have to do is boiling some water, form some dumplings with your hands and let them "cook" in the steam. When they aren't wet on the outside anymore you're ready to go. Additionally you can fry them in a pan for a nice crust just like we did it. Enjoy!


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