Hiking in Japan | Mt.Shaka in Shiga Prefecture

Hi everyone!How are you doing?

Today me and other temporary staffs went to Mt.Shaka (釈迦岳) for seeing the beautiful fall views in the mountain. 

We decided last night which one to go but didn't look up for some details. So we are thought maybe just takes a few hours but instead, we spent almost 8 hours there. And me, even just bought one bottle of water, never thought it will turn to be such an adventure!!

But fortunately, we made some lunch box that supported us a lot!! Back to this mountain, I think it is really worth to spend such a long time and get exhausted. 

You can see the spectacular water fall, enjoy the different colorful leaves and smell forest special fragrant aroma,even catch some tiny crab friends in your way. It is truly very fun and relax.

We highly recommend this hiking route. At last, remember never go hiking some difficult mountain alone. Go with friends!!

Hope to see your wonderful pictures!


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