Japanese city pop is so on trend!

So back in March, I posted this on our Japanese blog


This is about Japanese City Pop, which is getting more and more popular in the world.
I can't even believe that now it's so much well-known on the internet (power of social media), some people are so really into it that they come all the way to Japan to get the vinyls!

I'm going to introduce some of my favorites here:
Now everyone knows "Plastic Love" by Mariya Takeuchi

And her husband Tatsuro Yamashita is also a cool track-maker and singer

Anri is kinda famous but her early songs are more to dance!

I like their albums as it's not focused on big hit singles, it's more about the flow of whole album as one big masterpiece, which means you can play it just whole day!

I've found some of those vinyls in Kyoto, let me know if you like them :)


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