New temporary staff : Axel - introduction

Hello everyone!

Here is Axel writing for J-Hoppers's guesthouse blog of lake Biwa. I am one of the 3 new temporary staff that arrived 2 days ago and will stay here for 1 month. I will post something there everyday so this is the thing you do not wanna miss!

About me :

My name is Axel (アクセル in 日本語, what makes you go faster, you know the deal), I am 21 years old (since 2 weeks ago, cannot say "はたち" anymore... sadですね) and I am living in Japan since 8 months so far. I come from France and my japanese is kind of broken, but at least I can align some sentences in english, I don't know if it is for the better or the worse.

Why Japan?

Because not France!

Why Japan?

For the cute girls yummy food of course!

What kind of posts?

About me and about what's happening here at Biwa lake! Some not so funny stuff, maybe cool pictures, probably not interesting stuff, occasionnaly relevant stuff, and most of the time what I have in mind and want to share with whoever read this. By the way I don't even know if someone will read this, so if you do, don't hesitate to ask me a question in the comments section! Well if you are somewhat interested about me or the guesthouse or the life in Japan or whatever you want of course.

Good night, and see you tomorrow! またあした、 おやすみ なさい!


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