Hi from Q-beh. This is Natsuki.

I have been to Tainan in Taiwan this month!
It was a little cold in Japan on the day I left but it was hot in Taiwan like early summer...!

Everything I ate on this trip was sooooooooooo yummy.I'm going to put the pictures without any comment.

I couldn't deceide which one is the best. All are my best.
I think you should go Taiwan with more than 2 person so that you can share and try many kind of foods! haha

Surprisingly, Tainan reminds me of my hometown Singapore.
It's not exactly same but foods and scenery are sometime similar to Singapore so I was happy.

I appreciate my precious Taiwanese friends to guide me and help me for my first time Taiwan trip.
Thank you sooooooooooooooo much!!
I just stayed in Tainan this time so let's meet up in Taipei next!!


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