What to eat : Sandwich

Hello everyone!

You are lost in the countryside of Japan. The landscapes and the nature are really beautiful. It's quiet and calm. No car and noise pollution. You love nature, especially mountains and forests, lucky you : you are surrounded by mountains, forests and a huge lake. Every night, you enjoy watching the stars while laying on the beach, just because you can.

But there is one problem : you are kind of not really doing great money-wise, so you try to eat cheap. That means you cannot eat what you want. But you are hungry. You obviously only eat supermarket food (anyway there are not many restaurants nearby...) You cannot afford to eat many fruits because they are too expensive. Vegetables are not too expensive but not really cheap. Meat is okay. You are french and you miss some occidental food. You admit that you wouldn't be against some good sandwitch. If you were in France you would make a "jambon-beurre" (google it if you don't know it...), but unfortunately you miss 2 of the only 3 ingredients necesssary to make it : good bread and good ham. Don't worry, I got your back.

What you need :
                - 2 slices of not-too-good bread (cheap)
                - some butter (come on, you probably have some in the fridge!)
                - eggs (cheap)
                - mayo (a japanese fridge without mayo is actually not a japanese fridge)
                - chicken (need to spent a bit more coins on this one but I mean, you need some meat right)
                - some salad (so that it looks healthy)

I called it the "use-your-leftovers" sandwich.

Pictures :


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