Why would you come to Otsu, Shiga prefecture?

Hello everyone, Axel here.

Are you looking for places to visit in Japan? Today I will tell you why you should come to Otsu in Shiga prefecture, and especially where our guesthouse is, far north from the center of the city.

Otsu is a city near Kyoto, but our guesthouse is located way farther north, between the mountains and Biwa lake, the biggest in Japan. You know what, I love mountains and mountain hiking. I also love forests. I can't say that I love lakes but I do love watching the stars...Well, I would say that's pretty convenient to stay 2 minutes walk from the beach (the perfect place to watch the stars at night) and 1 hour walk from the bottom of several mountains. Of course, here all mountains are also forests so I feel pretty nice here.

That was for the nature.
There are also quite a few other activities you can do here. Love biking? Biking next to the lake is pretty cool. Love fishing? Bass fishing is very popular in the lake, and the fishes are not small. In summer, you can also take a bath in the lake ( I did it in November, why should I wait for summer?).

Do you like visiting temples, shrines, or just traditional villages or places in general? Well, near here there are several interesting places to go, like the Torii of a shrine in Biwa lake, a traditional village that only use natural water from a natural river and from deep underground that is old from more than 100 years old. That were just a few exemples.

These were my thought of why I love this place, and if you come, please try the cheap onsen near the guesthouse, it's totally worth it (especially after some mountain hiking)!

Biwa Lake


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