I was Santa Claus in my high school!

Hello, everyone!  And Merry Christmas:)

The Christmas Day always reminds me of the day I became Santa Claus before when I was in high school. 

I went to a preparatory school in my home town.
We have the most important exam to enter university in January in Japan, so every friends were so irritated and nervous with study.

The classroom was in kind of bad atmosphere, so I have decided to be a Santa Claus!

I bought many chocolate (spent almost all of my money haha) and packed for my classmates, about 35 students.  I went to school at 7am on the Christmas day with one of my friends, and hang packed chocolate in the hook on the edge of the each desks. 
It was so funny and happy to see my classmates were surprised and smiled.

I have not told anyone it was me till the next Christmas day!
When I confessed, everyone told me they could be relaxed with it.
You know making others happy is the most happiest deed for everyone!

It was just one of my experience, and I hope everyone has great moments and smiles today:)  Be a Santa Claus for someone!
 VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you :)


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