Visit us in Shiga Prefecture by train!

Hello! from J-Hoppers Lake Biwa Guesthouse :)

Our hostel is located beside Lake Biwa which is in Shiga Prefecture and the largest lake in Japan.
Almost everyday I take the train to work and I love looking outside from the window.

If you come here by train from southern direction, like Kyoto or Osaka, you can see the lake on your right.
On a sunny day, the surface of the lake shines beautifully.

On your left, you have the mountain view.
In summer, the contrast between the green mountains and the blue sky is just perfect.
In autumn, the mountains look like patchwork with the colored leaves.
And now, in winter, the mountain range is covered with snow and it is magnificent.

Also the train runs through the rice fields.
You can see the green rice plants trembling in the wind in early summer, and the rice lowering their shiny golden heads in early autumn.

If you like nature and doing some activities, or just want to be relaxed, come visit us in Omimaiko, Shiga by train and have some wonderful experiences! :)

J-Hoppers Lake Biwa Guesthouse

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