You never say Nagoya is the most boring city in Japan

Hello, this is Saho from J-Kyoto :)
People often say Nagoya is the dullest city in Japan.
I don't deny the activities are quite limited in the central part of Nagoya city but if you take a short excursion around Nagoya city, there are many activities you enjoy.
So I will introduce you some of my recommendable places in Aichi prefecture you can access from Nagoya.

First of all, Tokoname (常滑) city , where famous for ceramics and potteries ,called Tokoname-yaki.Tokoname is located on the west coast of Chita Peninsula in Aichi prefecture.Since ancient times, Tokoname city has prospered as a town famous for its cultivation of Nori and and as a centre for the production of pottery.
When you get to Tokoname, Tokonyan,giant manekineko welcomes you.
Maneki-neko(beckoning cat) is a kind of good luck amulet to bring happiness to the owner and did you know Tokoname city is the home of this Manekineko ?

If you follow the pottery footpath, you can enjoy the scenery of pottery workshops and brick chimneys.

It is only 30 mins by train from Nagoya station (Meitetsu Line) to Tokoname (660yen)
Why don't you go and explore ceramic city and find your favorite ceramics or make one on your own :) !

Next time, I will introduce you Inuyama-city (犬山)where famous for one of the well-preserved castle and architectural museum !


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