something new :)

Hi there !
It's Madi from Kyoto Hana Hostel,  budget hotel/hostel close to Kyoto station :)

Recently I've found some new stores in Higashiyama area where Kiyomizu temple is on Instagram  so on the other day, I walked around to discover :)

First thing I found was the chocolate shop from San Francisco (If my memory is right :P) and is called Dandelion Chocolate.
I am not fan of chocolate at all but I was somehow curious so went inside and had a look.
You can buy some different chocolate and items and also you can order some drinks or little sweet treats as well.
I just tried a piece of chocolate from a staff but it was good quality and taste ! But I assumed that must be fancy price lol
If you like chocolates, this may good for you to try :)

And the other one I found was the coffee stand called ROCCA & FRIENDS TRUCk near arabica coffee shop lol
I had a cup of blend coffee from that store and I may like than arbica :P
It has a nicely balanced flavor and it is my favorite one.
It's pity that they do not sell bags of beans, they sell only small pack of filtered coffee :(
But it was good one so I definitely come back !
If you like coffee and don't want wait for long line in front of arabica, this can be another option for you :)

See ya !


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