Winter season is going on..for relaxing time at Kyoto, local style, quite reasonable and healthy way includes drinking

Hi everyone! This is Mitchy from Q-beh.
Its been cold these days.
How have you been?

I went to super sento (public bath).
It was really good to have one especially when its cold day.

I took my second boy and this time was his debut for public bath.
I was worried about his crying, but he was quite calm and good boy there.
I could have relaxing time.
After the bath, its time for this↓.

There are lots of different style bath.
Not only the bath but also facilities for massage, food and drink.
Sometimes they have an event, too.

When you want to be relaxed, I recommend you to be there.
Its worth to spend couple of hours at there for your day off in winter.


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