Eat up Dogo! 1Day trip to Matsuyama

Hi,this is Ena from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.

Have you ever been to Dogo (道後),Matsuyama?

This month I went on a day trip to Dogo,where know as an Onsen (hot-spring) town but actually it is also famous for some local food!
I think that trying local foods, which you never have at home, is one of the main reasons why people like traveling. During this trip,I knew Dogo is famous for onsen but I did not enter the main site,Dogo Onsen Honkan( 道後温泉本館) and I had so many local food(as much as i could...!) instead.
Here are all the photos of the dishes which I had on the day.

Uwajima Tai-chazuke / Maru Sushi (Tofu sushi roll)

mandarine juice from Matsuyama

4 kinds of Bocchan dangoes (Famous local sweets) / mandarine daifuku /Green tea chocolate cake
2 Fish Katsus... was great!!!
 It was really short stay but I enjoyed the town.Next time I will definitery go back to try the famous bath...!
There are many ferrys go to Matsuyma from Hiroshima port,so you can go there easily after your stay in Hiroshima.

Ishizaki Ferry company
(Hiroshima port ⇔Matsuyama)

★You can get a discout with your passport when you purchase the ticket at Hiroshima port.(Cash ONLY)
・Super jet (1h 10min) 7,100yen → 4,970yen/way
・Ferry (2h 40min) 3,600yen → 2,520yen/way


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