My very first working blog


Due to i am always changing my style,
 so you may see me in a total difference style.😂

I am Kenneth from Hong Kong who also stayed at J-Hoppers Kyoto for 8 months already. Once i have stayed here as a free accommodation staff by working holiday visa, then i am going become one of the staff from this month.

I like having Ramen and having fun in game center. You may always can find me in Game Center or new things from there. And also if you know anywhere have a nice Ramen shop please tell me and i will try to have it next time. :)
This is the one of my favorite toy
that i got from game center 

If you come to Kyoto,
I really suggest you can try
this Ramen shop(River)
which is nearby the Kyoto Marui 


Charles Liu said…
Great post thhank you

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