One Fun Night in Hiroshima - best sake, okonomiyaki, and awesome friends!

About two weeks ago we threw an Okonomiyaki Party at our hostel.
It was his second time for our new volunteer staff Kento to host a hostel party.

It was all success after all, having a few participants from different countries and making Hiroshima Okonomiyaki together.

On the same day, I was also very excited to see my best friend's best friends from the UK. My friend Emma had introduced these three girls to me as they were going to travel around Japan. They happened to be in Hiroshima when the party was on so I invited them to come join us.

The three were very nice and friendly and I enjoyed talking with them sharing stories about our friend Emma.

Everyone in the party had to try making Okonomiyaki once at least!
It was fun to see how good/bad one's cooking was lol

After the party, we went to an Izakaya restaurant near the Hiroshima station.

The place is called 'Bal Tan' and they have over 100 different kinds of Sake.
We told the master what kind of taste each of us liked and he picked the best ones for us individually.

We had two glasses each but they all tasted sooooo good!

Choosing what we were going to drink next from lots of options on the menu was a real fun!

Was such a fun night! I just can't wait to go to the UK and have drinks at a random local pub with these girls :))

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