I've been to BTS' world tour live viewing!!
(*BTS = No.1 famous Korean boys group)
(*live viewing = enjoy the concert through screen at movie theater)
This time, the real concert was held at dorm in Fukuoka and it was the very last day for Japan's tour.
I have already been to same concert which was held in Osaka last year but I know it's not going to be exactly same so I didn't hesitate to apply for the live viewing.

The concert was amazing.
Their dancing, singing and rapping has really strong power.
 I am impressed by their performance everytime and at the same time, they make me jealous.
Why jealous? ..because they have everything that I wish to have!!
Singing & dancing skills, language skills, attractive personalities, physical fitness...etc.

The highlight of the concert is not only their amazing performance but also their Japanese speaking skill.
It is improving more and more compare to previous concerts.
Some of them speak really fluent so I always feel like "Ah...they are really really making an extra effort to speak Japanese beside their busy schedule...I must learn that kind of thing from them...".

They are my favourite Kpop group but also my role model of my life.

Please search "BTS" on youtube and watch their performance right now!!


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