Graduation ceremony

Hello. This is Maho from Osaka Hana Hostel.
I'm a new staff from February. Nice to meet you:)

I graduated my school on the 8th.
My student life finished finally!

I went this school for 3 years.
It was fun and my friends made me laugh every day.

I'm not good at waking up in the morning,
so my teacher called me many times...
sorry about that:(

All teachers are very kind and gave me a lot of advice.

This is a picture at the graduation ceremony!

I wore "Hakama".
It's traditional Japanese clothes for the student's ceremony.
(One of my friend who is standing in the middle is wearing
Korean traditional clothes)

It's sooo tight, so it makes us having good posture.

There are a lot of pattern and design.

If you would like to wear it, you should try it in Japan!
Some shops has a service that rent Japanese clothes.

Anyway, I'm not a student anymore, but
I've studied hard for improving English skills
more and more;)

Thank you!


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