My first trip to Africa (Morocco)

This is Saho :)

I traveled to Morocco in February to see my friend.
It was my very first time in Africa and I did not know anything about Morocco
before going.

My friend lives in Kenitra where about 3 hours away from Casablanca.
I spent some time in Kenitra and I just loved it !
My most favorite part is beach.My friend told me the beach lasts to Casablanca.
It is so soothing to sit and see the beach without any borders or obstacles.
We made it on sunset so I was so touched by beautiful moment.

The another thing I loved about Morocco is sky.
I was blessed with weather while I was there and I was so moved by sky.
The contrast is so beautiful. It is so blue on the top and as it goes down, it looks lighter blue. The sky without any clouds looks so amazing and breath-taking.

The highlight of my trip is spending time with my friend and her family.
During my stay, they cooked some Moroccan food for me and of course,
there is nothing better than mom's cooking !

I really had a good time in Morocco thanks to my friend.
Will visit there again one day!


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