Wedding Photo in Seoul

Hi there, It is shiori from J-hoppers Hiroshima.

About 1 week ago I went to Korea for taking a Wedding photo.

It was my first time to travel abroad with my husband.

Except Photo, we were just eating all day.
I didn't care to eat even on my way to photo Studio.

画像に含まれている可能性があるもの:1人、結婚式 画像に含まれている可能性があるもの:1人以上、結婚式、室内

It took loooong time for shooting.
Was fun but I was extausted end of the shooting.

 画像に含まれている可能性があるもの:1人、立ってる        画像に含まれている可能性があるもの:Shiori Egashiraさん、スマイル、結婚式、屋外

It was good experience, all staff were able to speak only Korean.
We couldn't understand what they saying without interpreter.
But I've felt the staff are so kind and professional.

I am glad I choosed The Chungdam studio, though I couldn't choose location due to heavy rainy. I would like to say to them again ''Thank you very very much''

After shooting, we had Samgyeopsal with alcohol!

It couldn't be better!! First time I tried White Kimch.
Pork, white kimch and Wasabi. The conbination is such a yammy!!
Like a Japanese taste but we do not have it.
画像に含まれている可能性があるもの:3人、Shiori Egashiraさんを含む、、スマイル、座ってる(複数の人)、飲み物、室内 画像に含まれている可能性があるもの:食べ物、室内
And we went to M bar. the owner is so fanny and friendly.
We laughted a lot!! Owner and my husband drunk too much. 
Next time, we deffinaly visit M bar again to see him.

We had a great good time in seoul, we deffinaly go back Korea again.


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