Hiking in Kansai Japan ~Mt Hieizan~

I think i haven't been hiking for 10 years already. But since I arrived in Japan for one year, i already went to hiking few times.

And this time i went to Mt Hieizan in Shiga Prefecture for hiking. It was a nice weather for hiking with sunny and a little bit windy that let you feel relaxing during the hiking.

This time I went there with my flatmate who come from Hong Kong and USA. We planed to hike just one day before we go. And there were no one know how to go there at all.

But We still arrived there and have a good time. For the beginning it was  a little bit hard to go up but it got better and better afterward.

The path started will a bit difficult but we tried hard to going on:) 
Cause when we arrived the top, the view was so nice.

It was a tired day. We walked more than we thought but it is still worth for it cause it was fun and the view was really good. I think i start looking forward for the next hiking.:)


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