My Favourite Time of Year - Spring & HANAMI🌸

Hi it's Chippy from Hiroshima Hana Hostel.

I wonder how people are spending their Golden Week.
I found it was not a small number of people who did not know about the GW at all and accidentally made their trip to Japan this time of year ended up struggling to find a place to sleep :((

If you're planning to come to Japan next year, avoid the GW and come a bit earlier around the end of March. Because that's my favourite time of year, HANAMI (SAKURA/CHERRY BLOSSOM🌸) SEASON!! 

As I knew I wouldn't stay more than a year when I came back from Australia last summer, I made up my mind to enjoy seasonal events as much as I can while I'm in Japan.

So this year, I did a few HANAMI (can't remember how many times) at the beginning of April, and Miyajima was my favourite place among all.

I took my best friend's best friend Anna from the UK who was visiting me in Hiroshima and staying at our hostel for two nights in the first week of April.

Friendly deer let you touch em :)

When we got to the island, there were some cute deer welcoming us. I have some bad memory back in elementary school some deer trying to steal my lunch box on a school trip. I didn't get too close but Anna was so brave! It seems she made new friends. haha

It was low tide in the early afternoon and we got to walk through the Torii gate.

Drawing fortune-telling paper in Istsukushima shrine was a fun experience too!
There are several customs of what to do with the paper you drew. I usually keep it in my wallet if what's said on the paper feels it tells about myself. If not, I tie it to a branch of a tree or a prepared string in the shrine.

You are allowed to draw as many times as you want until you pick a good one.
(But don't forget you have to pay for each time.)

As Anna had never tried oysters, we decided to have some for lunch!
They were actually very delicious and reasonable! 500yen for two pcs!
Miyajima is definitely the best place to eat oysters.

We enjoyed wandering around with a beer in hand.
The cherry blossoms were not quite in full bloom but very beautiful.

I can't remember how many times I've been to Miyajima Island, but this was one of my favourite visits.
HANAMI season is very short usually for a week or two in a year when you can enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms. I feel a bit sad every year when it's over...

You'll still see cheery blossom in full bloom in Hokkaido in May tho. If you don't know what to do in your Golden Week this year, visiting Hokkaido may be a good idea :D


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