ICHIGOGARI ~Strawberries picking experience in Japan~

Eating yummy things, meeting friends and watching TV dramas/movies.
My happiness made from those things.

One fine Sunday, I had a short trip to Sanda city in Hyogo prefecture with my old friends.

It took about 2hours from my place, Karasuma Hankyu railway station. (This is why I use the word "short trip".)

For what? To pick strawberrieeeeeeessssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's a bit late for the season but there were still many strawberries waiting for us.

When we had a strawberries picking last time, we put too much condensed milk which made our stomach very very full.
(*In Japan, condensed milk is the one of the item for strawberries picking.)

So! We decided not to pour it this time and try to eat as much strawberries as we can.

There was a huge plastic house and many strawberry plants form lines inside there.

My fingers turned to red after picking those strawberries but my friends' fingers were not as red as mine... Maybe I put too much power to pick them up because I was too excited??

Strawberries ice-cream as "dessert" for this day.
Yum yum yum!!

Thank strawberries for making my day wonderful.

See you next year!!


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