Miho Museum ~it's such a picturesque I've ever seen~

Hello I'm Yun from Q-beh.

During golden week. I went to Miho museum with friend. It was a nice place. The Miho museum was designed by I.M.Pei which is super famous architect in the world.

On the way to museum it took  almost 1 hour by bus. It's kind of long way but it's worth to go.

Most of the people will take the picture of tunnel. Look!! It's beautiful isn't it?

Inside the museum there are many different exhibition been held. In this spring, they have special display of Daitokuji Ryokoin Heritage until May 19th. They also have museum collection which display about 3,000 artworks from Japan and the ancient orient.

This picture you can see the outside view of nature it's such a picturesque I've ever seen.
Before the end of spring why don't you go there and check it out?


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